Grupo AN delivers about 37.000 kg of fruit and 7.000 units of preserves to Food Banks and Soup Kitchens. The aim is to support those who need it most and to acknowledge the volunteer work of these organizations.

Grupo AN launched a solidarity campaign in order to help cover the food needs of people in need. The project will last throughout the month and it consists in the delivery of fruits and vegetables in both fresh and preserved.

Since last Friday, several Food Banks and Soup Kitchens will receive around 37.000 kg of fruits and vegetables (apples, pears and lettuce) and also almost 7.000 units of Dantza canned vegetables (green beans and crushed tomatoes).

Products will be distributed to several Food Banks which operates in different cities of Spain and the Soup Kitchen “París 365” which received last Friday the first of the four planned deliveries. Thus, the agri-food cooperative reinforces and complements the tradicional collaboration that maintains with several these organizations.

Grupo AN aims to support those facing hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic. The cooperative requests that “it is necessary to find creative solutions in these exceptional circumstances in order to tackle this challenge and solve real problems of the most affected people”. Moreover, Grupo AN wants to acknowledge all the effort and generosity of those who dedicate their time to serve others, as it is the case of Food Banks and Soup Kitchens. “Our recognition and thanks to everyone involved. They always carry out an essential work that it is even more important in these challenging times.



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