Conservas Dantza

Dantza belongs to GRUPO AN and it has a focus on origin and quality. One of our goals is to offer healthy products to our customers. Preserved food is a way to enjoy vegetables all year round and it helps to have a balanced diet. Conservas Dantza guarantees premium quality and the highest food safety.

At Dantza, we produce a wide range of canned food from basic products such as canned tomato to gourmet products with renowned denomination of origin, new trends and ready meals. Grupo AN and Conservas Dantza also offer a selection of its best products under the brand “SERIE ORO” as well as an extensive range of Organic products.

Conservas Dantza is in charge of bringing the best vegetables from their fields to your table. Nowadays their products can be enjoyed in over 25 countries. Its best-seller are white asparagus, piquillo pepper, vegetables and tomato. These products are directly linked with the Ebro Valley, one of the most fertile areas of Spain due to its rich soil and excellent weather condition. One of the main strengths of Dantza is that our raw material come from our own farmers which belong to our cooperative GRUPO AN. This way, we can control the whole process, ensuring maximum quality.

Dantza has two factories and employs over 350 people. It helps to create jobs and wealth in rural areas.

Dantza has a strong commitment to innovation. They are aware of the importance of developing new products which make their customers´ life easier. Because of that, they have just launched a new range of products with an added value. With these products you can cook typical Spanish dished such as Spanish omelette or pochas (typical winter dish). You can also find our special sauces which will spice up all your dishes and gourmet products with denomination of origin (Artichoke PGI Tudela, White asparagus PGI Navarra and Piquillo pepper) perfect for preparing Spanish tapas or pintxos.

Dantza's philosophy is to work with quality produce, respecting the organoleptic qualities of the product as much as possible and to ensure that the colour, smell and taste are as similar as possible to what a person can do with the fresh product at home, making the preserved product taste as similar as possible to the original product.

Dantza, productos de temporada todo el año

Dantza is a canned vegetable producer famous for its products and tradition. It is located in one of the most fertile areas of Spain: The Ebro Valley. It offers local vegetables and fruits which are provided directly from our farmers, partners of the cooperative Grupo AN. In this way, they control the whole process ensuring maximum quality.